Friday, 19 July 2013

Work Programme Complaints

1. Rude staff.

Every time I have attended the work programme I have been spoken down to, condescended to and generally spoken to as if I am a child.

2. The oppressive nature of the work programme.

The work programme makes me feel very much like a prisoner. People are forced to attend (or have no money to live on) forced to be there at a certain time, forced to do what the work programme tells you to do ( for example do an hours job search despite the fact that can be easily done at the library) answer personal questions about medical history, criminal record and so on. Fill in a job sheet (yet another one on top of the job seekers diary) sign in, sign out. Every single aspect of the work programme seems to be about herding people like cattle. Training people in to servitude and letting them know, they are not free. Not only are people told what to do and when to do it, they are constantly made to prove themselves and justify themselves. For example signing in and out, filling in a job search diary / filling in a job search sheet. As if they are not to be trusted. As if they are not responsible self aware adults, but criminals or badly behaved children who have to prove themselves to the authority figures.

3. Sanctions due to claim by work programme provider.

If the Work Programme provider claims that someone did not attend, that person can lose their benefits for at least two weeks and have no money to live on. I was sanctioned for two weeks because The Work Programme claimed I did not attend an appointment. I did not receive a letter for the appointment which they claimed I did not attend. I tried to talk to Triage about this. They said take it up with the Jobcentre. I tried talking to the Jobcentre about it. They said take it up with Triage. This is the type of bureaucratic nightmare that has resulted from people on benefits being leased out to a private company. When I was sanctioned (because of a letter which I did not receive) it was a very difficult two weeks to get through and because my Housing Benefit was also stopped, I ended up owing a lot of rent. I submitted a request for a review of this decision and the Jobcentre did not get back to me. Funny that, they’re always quick enough to send me a letter about a sanction.

The Department for Work and Pensions are sanctioning people’s money for not attending an appointment with the Work Programme, when the appointment was not made by the Department of Work and Pensions! And so they don’t know whether the benefit claimant did or did not attend an appointment, or even if one was really made for them!. The fact that people are losing out on benefit from the Department of Work and Pensions because of claims made about them by a private company is madness.

4.The work programme being run by a private company.

The fact that the job of the Jobcentre is being leased out to a private company is absolutely ridiculous. It means that people are under the control and authority of a private company when they are claiming a benefit from The Department of Work and Pensions. It means people’s personal information is now with a private company. A company they did not want to sign up with in the first place. A company they would not have signed up with, were it not for the threats and duress of having ones benefit stopped. And to make matters worse, I’m told that if I have a complaint, I have to take it to the company, the very company who has given me reason to complain in the first place! It’s the Jobcentre who are making people go on this ‘Work Programme’, it should at least be the Jobcentre who deals with complaints about it. Why should the company (Triage) be allowed to deal with complaints insularly? What possible motivation could they have for dealing with complaints properly, when every single person on The Work Programme is just money to them?

5. The very existence of the Work Programme.

It’s oppressive. And what can really be gained from forcing people in to an oppressive atmosphere? How much enthusiasm is expected from people who are being made to do something? Why are people being made to do something in a supposedly free society?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Tabloids Looking for Women

Hay ladies!

Have you been sexually abused?

If you haven’t, who cares!

Just pick a man. Any man.

Say he sexually abused you.

Say he did it 40 or 50 years ago. That way it’s impossible for him to clear himself!

Who cares it happened 40 or 50 years ago. Who cares you were a teenager when he felt you up. We’ll call him a pedo anyway. We don’t worry about semantics.

Don’t worry about your allegations not being true. That’s why we have lawyers!

Hay, you can even pick a man who’s dead! That way he can’t defend himself.

If you’d like your name in the paper and a shit load of cash we’d like to hear from you.

If you’ve got the allegations we’ve got the headlines. And who knows, you might even end up on the next reality show. Money. Fame. Attention. Money. They all await you. That’s right ladies, you can start getting the cash and attention you deserve. So point your finger and say the magic word: Rape!

So join in on the latest craze sweeping the nation and accuse a man of sexual abuse today!


Here’s what others have had to say:

Mary: “I’d never really thought about accusing a man of sexual abuse before, but now that everyone’s doing it I thought why not give it a go, you know. All me mates down bingo are all talking about how me name was in the paper. And I’ve been able to do up me living room with the 50 grand I got. I’ve never been the centre of attention before. But it’s great, yeah, really good”.

Abigale: “I thought it would be really hard but the paper talked me through it, you know, what to say ’n’ that. In fact once I got talking to the woman from the paper, the story practically wrote itself. I’ve never really felt like I fitted in or belonged but being one of the claimants, well it gives you a sense of belonging. I wanted to fit in, be a part of something and now I am. And now that my name has been in the paper a few times, I’ve been asked to appear on the next addition of Celebrity Big Brother. If you haven’t accused a man of rape then all I can say is do it today. Yeah do it today, it’ll change your life”.

Maureen “I’m glad I had those awful men from Corrie arrested. What they did to Deirdre and Sally was terrible”.

Butch Buzzcut: “All men deserve this. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, all men deserve this. At birth they should all be circumcised, completely, if you know what I mean. Men have been oppressing women for far too long and I say it’s about time we started oppressing them. Let’s have them all bloody locked up. They’ll pay. They’ll all pay”.

Stacey: “I just did it for the cash”.

Tracey: “With so many women saying they were abused by celebrities decades ago, I thought, it must have happened to me too. And I just don’t remember it. You know, repressed memories like. Anyway I must have been right coz as soon as I phoned the police he was arrested and the next day the papers were calling him a pedo”.

Kim: In the 60’s I used to go to the BBC and ITV buildings and hang around all the stars, all tarted up like. I was 15, just a month away from turning 16 actually. I was a perfectly willing participant. Boy, we had some good times. But I thought, if shagging someone a month under the legal age is so abominable now, it must be 50 years retroactive. And with everyone else accusing these men, I thought why not join in. You know, get in on it, be part of something”.

So ladies, why not join in on the current cool trend. And don’t worry if you don’t want your name in the paper. It can be completely anonymous and your details are kept confidential. Remember, It’s his name we’re sullying, not yours!